Turbine Engine Overhauls & Repairs
8 Aug 2016

Turbine Engine Overhaul & Repairs

StandardAero agent and PT6 approved repair facility. Specialised workshop and trained personnel.

AirTeam is a StandardAero agent and PT6 approved repair facility, with a specialized workshop at Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria. We specialize in Overhauls, Hot Section Inspections, Fuel Manifold flow checks and inspections, major and minor repairs on all PT6 models; all done at our facility. Our StandardAero trained Field Service Representatives will take care of all your needs and above mentioned services wherever you are.

AirTeam carries a wide range of PT6 spare parts and components and overhaul exchange units supplied by StandardAero.

Standard Aero Capabilities on all PT6 A models:

  • Engine overhauls
  • Hot Section inspections
  • Borescope inspections and reports
  • Fuel manifold flow, repair and inspection. Overhaul exchange units available.
  • Auxiliary gearbox repairs
  • Reduction gearbox repairs
  • 1st Stage compressor FOD repairs
  • Engine installations
  • Engine and component overhauls and overhaul exchanges
  • Spares stock on all PT6A models.
  • Engine rental support


Please enquire about our StandardAero Engine TBO extension program.
*Terms and conditions will apply.
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