Aviation Contracts & Leasing
8 Aug 2016

Aviation Contracts / Leasing

Aviation contracts in Africa. Conflict regions, humanitarian and medical emergencies. Short and long term leases. Air Team has the expertise and capacity to respond swiftly to these emergencies.

South Africa has become a vital part of the African continent’s growing, specialised aviation contracting industry. With highly qualified air crew and wide selection of aircraft, AirTeam contracts are positioned to provide a professional service to this sector of the industry.

  • Medical Supplies Delivery

  • Emergency Evacuations

  • Conflict Regions Assignments

  • Disaster Areas

  • Remote Locations

The company is headed by experienced contracts operator and pilot, Chris Briers, with a skilled team of operational staff, maintenance specialists and air crew, able to deploy to any country in the world. Africa presents many challenges to inexperienced and unaware aircraft owners and operators. The continent’s many remote runway locations, place special demands on operations staff who have to administer support far away from a company’s home base or maintenance facility. Coping with these challenges, is a routine assignment for AirTeam contracts, who have a wide range of aircraft and suitable personnel available, for short and long term leases.

A global contract requirement for moving freight and passengers exist in many troubled spots and conflict zones. AirTeam has the experience to handle seemingly impossible needs in response to global humanitarian emergencies, in regions considered politically sensitive.


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Transporting medical supplies to areas inaccessible by road.

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